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A few years ago I kept hearing about Tumblr and how its incredible photos could hook everyone to it. I, obviously, thought it was... well, bullshit. Not to mention I tried to see what it was all about and without an account I couldn't see squat. Why would anyone want to post random pictures on a random site where no one would probably see them. Wouldn't they be better off in a folder on our computers?

About a year ago when I was greeted by a friend with "You HAVE to get Twitter! It's the next new thing!". When she told me what Twitter was basically about I assumed the world was reaching its end. When I researched and looked it up on-line I was convinced the Mayans must have been right. WHY (again) would people want to use Twitter? I didn't get it at all, and I couldn't see how some people might have found it useful. 

forcedly  reluctantly signed up for Tumblr and Twitter and tried to experiment with both of them. And I still couldn't really get them. I think I kept both accounts for about half a year without posting anything because I just didn't really care about them. 

However, almost a year after the failed attempts I have begun to like using these two platforms although I ask myself every day why. There's two sides to every coin: when using Twitter you find yourself sharing more than you should, like when I tweeted a few days ago that I was home alone. What if there was a random stalker that saw that and came to my house to murder me? I could've acted all Bruce Lee but no acting skill could turn me into a killing machine. But, to me at least, Twitter is also the place where I can share silly stuff without worrying that someone might judge me. If I feel like writing perverted comments or just tweeting the first word that comes to my mind "booger" let's say, no one would judge me, as I don't have a lot of friends on Twitter.

Tumblr right now is flawless for me, I can find a lot of interesting photos and there are many great quality Tumblr sites at the moment. 
However, I still can't grasp the notion of how much people have started depending on their internet connection and their online dealings. Whether it is through blogging, tweeting or sharing photos on Facebook, each of our lives is in one way or another exposed online.  

On a happier note,platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest etc. do offer us the great advantage of easier communication (worse communication skills however) as long as they do not grow to control our lives and behaviour.

How many of you use any of these platforms and what do you think about them?


  1. Hey Maria, I havent enjoyed such a write in quite some time honestly! I really appreciate your insights about the social media out there.
    As for me, I wasnt using any of them (from facebook to instagram... ) till recently when I launched my blog , and it was a must to! Guess Im kinda of a keep it to myself and close ones kinda gal , however, now everything is exposed from the shoes im wearing during the day , to where im heading at night, if it helps the blog then let it be ha!
    Have a great day

  2. I think tumblr are great for pictures - sharing them and also getting your photos out there. My only problem is that it;s not great for discussion. I used to have a tumblr blog but moved to blogspot because of this reason.


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