Good Morning!

I've been wanting to get back into the gym for a very long time. However, this video has motivated me and has made me realize you don't really have to go to the gym in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Started on my yoga and fitness schedule today and I'm really excited about it.

Have you guys ever tried Yoga, Pilates of even Kick-Boxing?

P.S. I don't know why the video is so small, but I'll try to solve the problem ASAP!


  1. Yeah, your realization is right! We don't really have to go to gym. Even just by monitoring the food we intake everyday it's already having a healthy lifestyle. GREAT BLOG!

  2. I usually do Bikram Yoga which is amazing! However, since I started my Masters I haven't had time to go which sucks. I would really recommend Bikram Yoga over other types by the way, it is a much greater workout!

    1. I haven't really tested different types of Yoga, I still have to research and check out what suits me, so thank you for the advice!


  3. I've just started yoga - have been to 4 classes. And I LOVE IT!



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