The Knock-Off Issue

Good Morning! I've been having this idea in my mind since yesterday and it felt only normal to bring to life through a post.

A few years ago, during my holiday in Turkey, I remember being really amazed with the vast collection of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci and other knock-off's and the idea of buying one.

What is it with us that we often look at the brand but not at the actual product? Would a bag be better because it's Louis Vuitton or Zara? Why do we automatically appreciate brand products better? The quality, yes. But isn't it a sense of pride, too? Owning a Proenza Schouler or a Balenciaga is different than a simple Mango bag, even if the model might be the same. 

I must admit I even bought a small knock-off with an idea in mind that one day I might wear it and test people's reaction to it. Would anyone notice? Would I be able to do that? 

However, until this day the bag is been sitting in my closet, after one attempt of wearing it that ended with me returning home and leaving it behind. 

Apart from buying unnecessary designer items just because of the brand are we capable of faking owning a 300$ bag?

Have any of you been tempted or even bought any knock-off's? Moreover, have you been able to wear them? 
This would be my ideal bag wish-list and no matter how long it takes to complete it, I don't think buying knock-off's is worth the real pleasure of wearing the actual designer product. 
What do you guys think? Shower me with your ideas: I need a fashion shower.


  1. Nice selection - you've got a couple of my favorites in there too :-)
    I buy things that I love regardless of the brand (or fake brand!) I think that what you're getting with the real thing is a quality of workmanship and materials that you just don't get in the cheap knock-offs. Cheap almost always looks like cheap, which is fine for, say, a season, but will never last the distance to becoming a classic!


  2. I was tempted to buy the knock off of one Celine bag, but when I saw it in person it looked really bad! I think I'd rather just buy a different bag that's good quality than a knock off! Having said that, some of these bags you posted look great!


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