Inspiration #1

Fall's here, and I think that this picture is perfect for this time of year. Bare back? check. Fur shoulders? check. Peplum? Check. Burgundy? Check. It looks like this gizmo encompasses every trend of the season. And I would sure love to wear it. Credits for this photo are unknown, but, then again, I guess that just makes it more interesting.


  1. This top is so cute! I wonder what designer it is

    1. Tell me about it, I would love to know where it's from. I was thinking about a DIY but it's a bit difficult:D

  2. Wow, I love what she's wearing and I like you said, it seems like she has all the trends of the season in just one sweater!

    P.S. Now following you via GFC (Jessica) and you have a nice blog :)


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