London Day 3

I spent my last day in London walking through the park and eating huge- only found in England- blueberry muffins. I chose a going-for-a-jog-but-not-quite look and sported my -then - new Nike trainers. Neon trainers seem to be all the fashion right now and I honestly can't complain. They had that London quirkiness AND they're extremely comfortable.  I also stopped by Selfridges to get some American Apparel nail polishes that I had forgotten two days before during my shopping spree. I honestly wasn't expecting the shopkeepers to still have them and I was prepared to buy them again, but to my surprise, the very nice girls there actually kept them. After my excitement faded though, I realized that this is probably normal, but I don't get to see it very often in Romania. 

 See? HUGE muffin.
I was wearing: 
Zara blazer
Vintage t-shirt
Topshop jeans
Nike trainers
Musette bag
Topshop earrings 
Ray Ban sunglasses


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