Discovering Romania: Baile Herculane

When my parents suggested a few weeks ago that we go to Dubova, a small village in SE Romania I wasn't exactly thrilled. However, when we got there I was stunned. Spectacular views, the Danube and the mountains in the same place, 37 degrees Celsius, our best friends, what else could I wish for?
Before coming back home we visited Baile Herculane, a town that has very many thermal springs and beautiful architecture. To our great disappointment the entire town is now abandoned and very many buildings that once were majestic are now in complete decay. Do any of you know anything about on going projects that take care of cities like this one? I would really love to know!
I was wearing Ray Ban sunglasses, Topshop tank, Victoria's Secret bathing suit top, Zara shorts, Havaianas and Longchamp bag.
DSC_03050 DSC_03010 DSC_03140 DSC_03350


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